SolydXK 201801 Xfce screenshot tour

SolydXK 201801 is an updated installation image of SolydXK. In addition to various updates from base distribution, it includes latest Linux Kernal which includes the fix for Meltdown vulnerability, brands new SolydXK settings manager ..etc. Let's have a quick walk through various screens of SolydXK 201801 Xfce flavor.

Distribution Name SolydXK
Version 201801
Code name NA
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 16th January 2018

Uruk 2.0 Xfce Edition screenshots

With the release of version 2.0, Uruk team has decided to expand the diversity of Uruk GNU/Linux by providing an additional desktop environment. Toward this goal, the project has released in Uruk 2.0 Xfce edition after the successful release of default MATE edition.

Uruk Welcome App - This is the first application shown when Uruk is loaded after installation. This provides links to various tools within the operating system and external links to various resources.

Distribution Name Uruk
Version 2.0 Xfce Edition
Code name lugalbanda
Base Trisquel/Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 26th December 2017

Slax 9.3.0 screenshots

Slax is a small sized, live GNU/Linux distribution based on Debian. It provides an intuitive user experience with well configured Fluxbox desktop environment. It includes all essential applications like file manager, terminal emulator, web browser ..etc required to operate a desktop computer. Let's have a quick walk through various screens of Slax 9.3.0 release.

The preboot screen in Slax 9.3.0. During this screen, we can either continue with normal boot or press Esc for alternate boot options

Distribution Name Slax
Version 9.3.0
Codename NA
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Fluxbox
Release date 26th December 2017

MX Linux 17.0 screenshots

MX-17 is a stable release of Debian based midweight GNU/Linux distribution that adopts best practices from antiX and former MEPIS. It follows conventions established by these distributions and brings a unique user experience with various tools & applications. Let's have a quick tour through various screens of MX 17.0.

MX Linux 17.0 Desktop - First impression. In addition vertical panel, it also includes a beautiful wallpaper and Conky plugin which displays time, date & various system resource usages.

Distribution Name MX Linux
Version 17.0
Code name NA
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 15th December 2017

Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 lugalbanda screenshots

Inspired by the wide acceptability of Uruk GNU/Linux 1.0, Uruk project has announced the availability of Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 lugalbanda. Based on the experiences with previous releases, Uruk team has done a lot of effort to provide a much-improved user experience.

A Preview of Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 lugalbanda Desktop
Distribution Name Uruk GNU/Linux
Version 2.0
Code name lugalbanda
Base Trisquel/Ubuntu
Desktop Environment MATE
Release date 5th December 2017

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Artful Aardvark screenshots

Ubuntu MATE 17.10 Artful Aardvark is a stable non-LTS (Long Term Supported) release of Ubuntu MATE. In addition to various updated packages from Ubuntu base and MATE Desktop, this release brings various desktop layouts. It will help users migrating from other platforms to work in an eco-system familiar to them.

The MATE Welcome App showing welcome message on startup

Distribution Name Ubuntu MATE
Version 17.10
Code name Artful Aardvark
Release Date 20th October 2017
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop

Fedora 27 Workstation screenshots

Fedora 27 is a stable release of community driven, independently developed GNU/Linux distribution backed by Red Hat Inc, a leading open source organization. There are hundreds of updates and other improvements in Fedora 27, of which some are from Fedora community itself and rest is from various upstream projects.

A fresh view of Fedora 27 Workstation/GNOME 3.26 Desktop. On top, you can see transparent panels introduced as part of GNOME 3.26 release.
Fedora 27 Workstation is shipped with GNOME 3.26 which brings various improvements like better wayland display server integration, built-in support for emojis, redesigned control center ..etc.

Distribution Name Fedora
Version 27
Code name NA
Release date 14th November 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page

Let's have a quick journey through various screens of Fedora 27 Workstaion.

Xubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark screenshots

Xubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark is a regular release of Xubuntu, an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Xfce Desktop environment. Since there is no recent upstream release from Xfce project, Xubuntu 17.10 is almost same as it's decedents in visual perspective. Though it includes updated packages and bug fixes from Ubuntu base. Let's have a quick visit through various screens of Xubuntu 17.10.
A preview of Xubuntu 17.10 login screen

Distribution Name Xubuntu
Version 17.10
Code name Artful Aardvark
Release date 20th October 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Home Page