Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 screenshots

Manjaro LXQt is one of the most vibrant community flavor of Manjaro. Each Manjaro LXQt snaphsots comes with a fresh look and feel. The changes ranges from background to theme and desktop organization. Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 is an update snapshot of Manjaro LXQt brings LXQt 0.11.
Distribution Name Manjaro LXQt Edition
Version 17.0.2
Release date 9th July 2017
Base Arch/Manjaro
Desktop Environment LXQt Desktop
Home page
Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 uses Simple Display Manager (SDM) as default display manager. It comes with a stunning login screen which offers options for choosing various sessions(only LXQt and OpenBox are available in default).

Fedora 26 Workstation screenshots

Screenshots of Fedora 26 Workstation released on 11th July 2017. Fedora 26 provides delighted desktop experience with GNOME 3.24 and ensures better hardware compatibility by using a recent version of Linux Kernel.
Distribution Name Fedora
Version 26
Code name NA
Release date 11th July 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page
Preview of Fedora 26 Workstation

Peppermint OS 8 screenshots

Screenshots of Peppermint OS 8, an Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS based GNU/Linux distribution geared towards integration of cloud based application on desktop operating  system.
Distribution Name Peppermint
Version 8
Release date 28th May 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment LXDE
Home page
Peppermint OS 8 preview

Fedora 26 Beta screenshots

Screenshots of Fedora 26 beta, released on 13th June 2017. This release features GNOME 3.24.x as default desktop environment.
Distribution Name Fedora
Version 26
Code name NA
Release date 13th June 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page

BOSS Linux(The Indian OS) 6.1 Anoop screenshots

This post showcases different screens of BOSS Linux 6.1 code named Anoop. BOSS (an acronym for Bharath Operating System Solutions), is an operating system developed by C-DAC, an Indian government institution.
Distribution Name BOSS Linux (Bharath Operating System Solutions)
Version 6.1
Code name Anoop
Release date 19th August 2015
Base Debian
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page
BOSS Linux 6.1 Anoop Preview

elementary OS 0.4.1 Loki screenshots

Screenshots of elementary OS 0.4.1, and update in elementary OS 0.4.x Loki series. It is based on Ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS and includes all updated packages from upstream and other elementary specific refinements.
Distribution Name elementary OS
Version 0.4.1
Code name Loki
Release date 17th May 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Pantheon
Home page
elementary OS 0.4.1 Pantheon Desktop - First impression

Solus 2017.04.18.0 MATE Edition screenshots

Screenshots of Solus 2017.04.18.0 MATE Edition, a stable snapshot of Solus operating system featuring MATE Desktop environment.
Distribution Name Solus MATE Edition
Version 2017.04.18.0
Code name NA
Release date 18th April 2017
Base Solus
Desktop Environment Budgie
Home page
Solus MATE Edition Desktop - First impression

Brisk Menu - A menu developed by Solus project.
Caja file manager

MATE Terminal
Firefox Web Browser
VLC Media Player

Rhythmbox Music Player

Eye Of MATE - Image Viewer

Libreoffice Impress

Pluma Text Editor

Resource usage - MATE System Monitor

Control Center

Customizing look & feel

Solus Software Center - Front page

Solus Software Center - 3rd party applications
Shutdown confirmation

Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 screenshots

Screenshots of Ubuntu Kylin 17.04 Zesty Zapus, a community release of Ubuntu for Chinese users. This release of Ubuntu Kylin features a new desktop environment called UKUI (Ubuntu Kylin User Interface), derived from MATE Desktop.
Distribution Name Ubuntu Kylin
Version 17.04 LTS
Code name Zesty Zapus
Release date 13th April 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment UKUI (based on MATE)
Ubuntu Kylin User Interface - First impression