Bodhi Linux 4.1.0 screenshots

Bodhi Linux is an enlightened GNU/Linux distribution built on top of Ubuntu Long Term Supported (LTS) releases. It combines stable Ubuntu core with lightweight, highly customizable Moksha Desktop. Moksha Desktop is a concept derived from Enlightenment 17.x release.

Bodhi Linux 4.1.0 Preview
Bodhi Linux 4.1.0, latest stable release of project till date is a bug fix cum, maintenance release, in addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, it comes with updated packages like Linux Kernel 4.8 and an Arc inspired Moksha theme.

Zorin OS 12 Core screenshots

Distribution Name Zorin OS
Version 12
Code name NA (Xenial)
Release date 18th November 2016
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Zorin Desktop(Based on GNOME)
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.4.0-47-generic, Nautilus 3.18.5, GNOME Terminal 3.18.3, totem 3.18.1, gnome-software 3.20.1, Chromium 53.0.2785.143, LibreOffice, Rhytmbox 3.3 ..etc
Zorin OS 12 Preview
Zorin OS is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that offers a simple, elegant and efficient desktop experience. It provide easy option to switch between multiple desktop layouts to accommodate users coming from diverse background. It is expected to deliver an alternative desktop experience for windows and macOS users. Zorin OS 12 is biggest release of project so far and it has crossed 140000 downloads from 180 countries.
For more information see release announcement in projects blog.

Fedora 25 Workstation screenshots

Distribution Name Fedora
Version 25
Code name NA
Release date 22nd November 2016
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.6-300, gnome-shell 3.22.1, totem 3.22.0, firefox 49.0, evolution 3.22.1, rhythmbox 3.4.1, gnome-software 3.22.1, shotwell 0.24.1, gnome-boxes 3.22.1, gnome-maps, gnome-weather, LibreOffice, eog 3.20.5, flatpak 0.6.13 ..etc
Fedora 25 Workstation Preview
Fedora 25 released on 22nd November 2016 comes with several notable highlights including GNOME 3.22, replacement of X with Wayland display server, improved support for Flatpak, new media writer tool ..etc. This release also includes provision to install a plugin for MP3 decoding. This option will be offered by GNOME Software when you try to play an MP3 file without any mp3 enable plugins. For more highlights of this release, you can see release announcement published by FedoraMagazine.

Manjaro LXQt Edition 16.11 screenshots

Distribution Name Manjaro LXQt Edition
Version 16.11
Release date 4th November 2016
Base Arch/Manjaro
Desktop Environment LXQt Desktop
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.5-2-MANJARO, Firefox 49.0.2, LXQt 0.11, LXTerminal 0.2.0, PCManfm 0.11.1, mpv 0.21.0, SMPlayer 16.9.0 ..etc

Manjaro LXQt Edition 16.11 Preview
Manjaro LXQt 16.11 is a stable snapshot of Arch/Manjaro based, rolling GNU/Linux distribution featuring latest LXQt desktop. This release was officially announced on 4th November 2016. The LXQt edition of Manjaro integrates officially supported Manjaro base system with community maintained LXQt desktop to provide a decent user experience.

Ubuntu budgie remix 16.10 screenshots

Distribution Name budgie-remix
Version 16.10
Code name Yakkety Yak
Release date 16th October 2016
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Budgie Desktop
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.0-22-generic, budgie-desktop 10.2.7, budgie-welcome 0.3.14, Mozilla Firefox 49.0, LibreOffice, Totem 3.22.0, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, transmission-gtk 2.92, geary 0.11.2, gnome-calendar 3.20.4, gnome-weather 3.20.2, GNOME Software 3.20.1, Plank 0.11.2 ..etc
budgie-remix 16.10 preview
budgie-remix 16.10 is an unofficial community derivative of Ubuntu featuring beautiful, elegant budgie desktop environment developed by Solus Project. This is the first release of project that completely follows Ubuntu release cycle. During the development cycle, the team has taken at most effort get their packages accepted in Debian and Ubuntu repositories and most of the packages have been approved by the respective maintainers. It is expected that, by next release, all packages will be approved and project can be recognized as an official community flavor of Ubuntu.

Netrunner Core 16.09 screenshots

Distribution Name Netrunner Core
Version 16.09
Code name Avalon
Release date 23rd October 2016
Base Debian
Desktop Environment KDE Plasma
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.7(4.3), Firefox 49.0, Synaptic 0.8.12, KDE Plasma 5.7.5, KDE Frameworks 5.27, KDE Applications 16.04, Qt 5.7.0, Yakuake 3.0.2 ..etc
Netrunner Core 16.09 Preview
Netrunner Core edition 16.09 is a Debian based GNU/Linux distribution released on 23rd October 2016. This release with code name Avalon is based Debian 8.x Jessy series and ships latest KDE technologies available so far. As different from KDE Plasma desktop, this release ships a simple application menu which resembles menu in Chrome OS. This simple menu is expected to help users to navigate more easily.
For more details, see release announcement in  projects blog.

Fedora 25 Beta / GNOME 3.22 screenshots

Distribution Name Fedora
Version 25 beta
Code name NA
Release date 12th October 2016
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.0-0.rc7, GNOME 3.22.x, Firefox 49.0, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, Evolution 3.22.0, totem 3.22.0, LibreOffice, GNOME Software ..etc
Fedora 25 beta preview
Fedora 25 beta, the second and final development release prior to release of stable Fedora 25 was release on 11th October 2016. Fedora 25 is the first release that replaces X window manager with Wayland. Other highlights of this release includes GNOME 3.22, support for RUST programming languages, a revamped media writer and several other things also.
For a brief explanation on all new features in Fedora 25, you may checkout release announcement published in FedoraMagazine.

Solus MATE 1.2.1 Shannon screenshots

Distribution Name Solus MATE
Version 1.2.1
Code name Shannon
Release date 19th October 2016
Base Solus
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.2, Firefox 49.0.1, MATE Desktop 1.16.0, Thunderbird 45.4.0, VLC 2.2.4, Solus Software Center 14, Rhythmbox 3.4.1 ..etc
Solus MATE 1.2.1 Preview
Solus MATE is an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution featuring MATE Desktop. It is a new member in Solus family and 1.2.1 is first stable release of this distribution. It combines well tweaked Solus Core with classical MATE Desktop. Though Solus is well known for shipping their desktop named Budgie, the project has created a new release featuring MATE Desktop to attract more users who are looking for classical desktop experience.
You can read more on this release in projects blog.