GNOME 3.26 Manchester screenshots

On 13th September 2017, GNOME Project has announced release of GNOME 3.26 Manchester, latest stable release of world's most widely used open source desktop environment. Keeping the tradition of GNOME 3.x release, this release also improves user experience and provides many new features.

Here you can find some screenshots of vanilla GNOME 3.26. These screenshots are from media pack shared by GNOME project.

Multitasking Overview

Application Menu

GNOME Builder

Debugging on GNOME builder

Inline documentation on GNOME Builder

Colorful emojis introduced in GNOME 3.26 release

Emoji Picker

Searching on GNOME shell. See the way in which search results are arranged

Redesigned GNOME Control Center

Transparent top panel. This panel will become opaque when windows are minimized

GNOME Web Browser synchronization

Zorin OS 12.2 screenshots

Zorin OS 12.2 is a maintenance cum update release in Zorin OS 12.x series. It is built on top of Ubuntu 16.04.2, and brings a refined version of Zorin Desktop environment which provides an improved user experience.

Distribution Name Zorin OS
Version 12.2
Code name NA (Xenial)
Release date 8th September 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Zorin Desktop Environment(Based on GNOME)
Home page

Windows binary compatible ReactOS 0.4.6 screenshots

ReactOS is an independently developed operating system compatible with windows binary executables. It is inspired by Windows 9x architecture and provides an experience similar to classic windows operating system. Yet it supports modern hardware equipments.

ReactOS 0.4.6 makes a huge improvement in hardware support. It implements a corruption free mechanism for handling partitions and provides better support for dual booting.
Loading ReactOS operating system. It is very fast process and takes us to the desktop quickly.

Default desktop of ReactOS is very dull in terms of modern design concepts. It resembles with classic windows desktop with taskbar on bottom.

ReactOS desktop after changing wallpaper and applying a modern theme

Classic start menu in ReactOS. In configurations, there is an option to change start menu. But it is disabled by default. I could n't find a way to enable it.

ReactOS File Explorer

ReactOS paint. A remake of ms paint.

ReactOS Notepad v1.0

ReactOS wordpad is a decent word processing software

Command Prompt

ReactOS Control Panel. A central place for all configuration options

ReactOS application manager helps us to install various windows applications. These applications are tested on ReactOS. Alternatively, we can install standard windows executable, which may or may not work.

Opera browser installed in ReactOS. It is installed from Application Manager, but not the latest version.

Appearance Settings in ReactOS.

ReactOS media player is a remake of classic windows media player

Spider Solitare game in ReactOS

Shutdown confirmation

Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 Plasma screenshots

As the name suggests, Netrunner Rolling is a rolling GNU/Linux distribution built on top of Manjaro. In addition to Manjaro Core and Plasma desktop it brings various applications which may find use in day to day life. In this post, you can see various screens of Netrunner Rolling 2017.07, a stable snapshot released on July 2017.

Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 Preview

KDE Neon User Edition 2017-08-08 screenshots

KDE Neon User Edition is an amazing experiment that combines solid Ubuntu Core with latest Plasma technologies. With this distribution, you can enjoy the stability of Ubuntu and recent innovations from KDE Plasma simultaneously.
Distribution Name KDE Neon
Version User Edition 2017.08.08
Release Date 8th August 2017
Base Ubuntu 16.04
Desktop Environment KDE Plasma
KDE Neon 2017-08-08 snapshot preview

Solus 3 Budgie Edition screenshots

Screenshots of Solus 3 Budgie Edition. It is 3rd iteration of Solus after switching to a rolling release model. Unlike a pure rolling release, Solus 3 is  a part of a hybrid release model and it brings tons of optimizations and improvements.
Distribution Name Solus Budgie Edition
Version 3
Code name NA
Release date 15th August 2017
Base Solus
Desktop Environment Budgie
Home page
Solus 3 Budgie Desktop Preview

deepin 15.4.1 screenshots

deepin 15.4.1 is a stable release of deepin GNU/Linux operating system developed and shipped by deepin LLC. It comes with stunning deepin desktop having same version number. Some of the features introduced as part of this release includes mini-mode dock and application window preview.
A preview of deepin OS 15.4.1
Distribution Name deepin
Version 15.4.1
Release date 22nd July 2017
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Deepin Desktop
Home page

Mageia 6 GNOME edition screenshots

Mageia 6 is sixth stable release of community driven GNU/Linux distribution which was initially forked from Mandriva Linux. Mageia 6 GNOME edition screens are not that are interesting for people who appreciate beautiful and unique desktop environments. Mageia 6 is shipped with a stock GNOME 3.24 shell with a custom background.
A preview of Mageia 6 GNOME edition

Distribution Name Mageia
Version 18.2
Release date 17th July 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page