Nitrux OS 1.0.15 screenshots

Nitrux 1.0.15 is a stable update of Niturx OS, an Ubuntu based distribution offering a modern Plasma experience. It ships a set of in-house applications under the banner of Nomad Desktop. The Nitrux 1.0.15 brings Plasma Desktop 5.13.3 along with a set of bug fixes and performance improvements. You can read more about Nitrux 1.0.15 in our blog.

Here, we can see some screenshots of Nitrux 1.0.15 captured in a live session.
Distribution Name Nitrux
Version 1.0.15
Code name NA
Release date 1st September 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment (Nomad Desktop (KDE Plasma)
Home page

Nomad Desktop in Nitrux OS 1.0.15. It includes a simple docker on the bottom and a panel on top. In look & feel, it resembles like operating systems like macOS and elementary OS

About Nitrux OS. The KInfoCenter listing operating system details and hardware configuration.

Simple application is a menu created by the Nitrux team as part of Nomad Desktop

Dolphin File Manager

Konsole Terminal Emulator

Multitasking Overview

Alt + Tab window switching in Nitrux 1.0.15.

Chromium Web Browser is used as default browser in Nitrux 1.0.15

The VLC Media Player

Babe music player is a simple music player created with Qt

Nitrux 1.0.15 brings the global menu in default installation. It can be compared with the global application menu in macOS and Unity

System Settings

Desktop Theme selection in Nitrux 1.0.15

KSysGuard showing the resource usage on idle state. Nitrux 1.0.15 idles around 500 MB memory, which is slightly more than stock Plasma distributions. But, it is less comparing to distributions like Netrunner

top utility showing resource usage

A simple memory status utility shipped with the Settings Module

The Nomad Software Center

Nomad Calendar applet

Nomad Network applet

Battery & Brightness Widget

Shutdown Confirmation in Nitrux 1.0.15

GNOME 3.30 Almería screenshots

On 5th September 2018, GNOME foundation has announced the release of GNOME 3.30, a stable release of world's most popular free desktop environment. This release brings some critical performance improvements along with some features.

Le'ts have a quick walk through GNOME 3.30 ecosystem. The screenshots used in this blog are downloaded from GNOME website. You can find the original release here. Further information on GNOME desktop can be found in our gallery.

Netrunner Rolling 2018.08 Plasma screenshots

Netrunner Rolling 2018.08 is a stable snapshot of Arch based GNU/Linux distribution offering latest plasma experience. In addition to the package updates from base distribution, Netrunner 2018.08 provides the Plasma Desktop 5.13.3 and associated components. It also provides seamless integration of Gtk applications in Plasma ecosystem. Let's have a quick tour through different screens of Netrunner Rolling 2018.08 snapshot.
Distribution Name Netrunner Rolling
Version 2018.08
Release date 6th August 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment Plasma Desktop
Home page

Bodhi Linux 5.0.0 screenshots

Bodhi Linux 5.0.0 is the fifth major release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution offering fast and smooth computing experience. This release is based on Ubuntu 18.04 and brings latest package updates with better hardware support.

Distribution Name Bodhi Linux
Version 5.0.0
Release date 20th August 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Moksha Desktop
Home page

Peppermint OS 9 screenshots

Peppermint OS is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution with integrated support for cloud based applications. It provides a handful of web applications on default installation, and also facilitate creating custom applications with Ice application launcher. The Peppermint OS 9 is a release based on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS. In addition to the package updates from parent distribution, it includes serveral usability improvements.

Distribution Name Peppermint
Version 9
Release date 22nd June 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment LXDE
Home page

ArchLabs Linux 2018.07 screenshots

ArchLabs Linux 2018.07 is a stable release of Arch based GNU/Linux distribution featuring OpenBox window manager. The main focus of this release on stability and usability improvements. With multiple changes, it also includes a new default dark theme.
Distribution Name ArchLabs
Version 2018.07
Code name NA
Release Date 29th July 2018
Desktop Environment Openbox

Linux Mint 19 Tara Cinnamon Edition screenshots

Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon Edition is an official release of popular GNU/Linux distribution. It is based on top of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Long Term Supported) release and features Cinnamon Desktop 3.8. It also features redesigned Mint Software, Redshift snapshot creator, snapshot based update strategy ..etc.

Let's quickly explore some screenshots in Linux Mint 19 Cinnamon Edition.
Distribution Name Linux Mint
Version 19
Code name Tara
Release Date 29th June 2018
Desktop Environment Cinnamon Desktop

Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond screenshots

Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond is a stable release of Linux Lite. It is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution featuring well tweaked Xfce Desktop. This release brings an updated system and icon theme. It also ships an updated documentation, timeshift restore utility, Lite sound..etc

Let's have a quick tour through various screens of Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond.
Distribution Name Linux Lite
Version 4.0
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 3rd June 2018
Home page

Lite Welcome - An application launched on loading Linux Lite Desktop. It provides quick links to various resources and some initial TODO actions.

Linux Lite 4.0 Xfce Desktop - First impression

Whisker Menu - Bigger than any other distribution and well decorated

Thunar File Manager

Xfce4 Terminal is tweaked with beautiful look & feel.

Multitasking Overview in Linux Lite

Mozilla Firefox Web browser

VLC Media Player

Shotwell Image Manager

LibreOffice Impress

Gufw file manager

Linux Lite Terminal

Synaptic Package Manager

Linux Lite Updates

Desktop Icons

Lite Software - Software manager in Linux Lite

Lite Tweaks

Lite Updates Notifier - A tool to configure, who often the updates notification should popup

System Information

Timeshift snapshot creator

Settings Manager

Background Settings

Shutdown Confirmation