GNOME 3.32 TAIPEI screenshots

GNOME 3.32, is a stable release from world's most popular open source desktop environment. It includes several visual & aesthetic improvements.

Let's have a quick glimpse of GNOME 3.32. These screenshots are shared by the GNOME foundation in official release announcement.

Application Overview in GNOME 3.32. It also showcases the improved icons in this release.

Multiple applications working on GNOME 3.32 simultaneously.

GNOME Builder is an IDE that can be used to easily start with any development projects.

Code editors in GNOME Builder

GNOME Files. The overall look is improved. Still the icon theme looks a little bit ugly

This was how folder icons were looking in previous GNOME releases.

Improved EMOJI's in GNOME 3.32

The GNOME browser, aka Epiphany reader mode preferences

GNOME Control Centre

Multitasking Overview


Application permissions in flatpak

Sound settings in GNOME Control Center

Lollypop application details in GNOME Software

Application review & comments in Lollypop

Pop!_OS 18.10 screenshots

Pop!_OS 18.10 is a regular release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution. It is based on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish and provides a polished Desktop experience. Pop!_OS is developed by System76, a reputed hardware vendor. Pop!_OS is optimized to perform well on System76 platforms. Let's have a small walk through Pop!_OS 18.10 screens.

Distribution Name Pop!_OS
Version 18.10
Release date 19th October 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment GNOME Shell
Home page

deepin 15.8 screenshots

deepin 15.8 is a stable release of elegant and modern GNU/Linux distribution. It brings more familiar and user friendly desktop experience. There were also significant improvements in various native deepin applications.

deepin introduction - A welcome wizard in deepin 15.8

Distribution Name deepin
Version 15.8
Release date 15th November 2017
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Deepin Desktop
Home page

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria GNOME Edition screenshots

The Manjaro 18.0 Illria release consists of Plasma, Xfce & GNOME editions. In previous posts, we've explored the Xfce and KDE editions. Now, it's time to explore the GNOME edition. The Illyria release brings GNOME 3.30 with a decent amount of customizations. This release ships a few GNOME shell plugins to provide improved productivity.

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria - The GNOME Desktop - First impression

Distribution Name Manjaro GNOME Edition
Version 18.0
Release date 28th Ocrober 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria KDE Plasma Edition screenshots

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria KDE Plasma edition provides a reliable and feature rich plasma desktop experience. It provides the latest Plasma Desktop 5.14 release, along with KDE Apps 18.08. Let's have a quick walk through Manjaro 18.0 Plasma screenshots.

Manjaro Hello is a Gtk based, Welcome App for Manjaro

Distribution Name Manjaro Plasma Edition
Version 18.0
Release date 28th Ocrober 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment KDE Plasma
Home page

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria Xfce Edition screenshots

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria, is a stable snapshot of Manjaro. The Xfce Edition of this release brings Xfce 4.13, a latest development release of Xfce. The main highlight of this release is migration from Gtk2.x to Gtk 3.x. Let's see some beautiful screenshots of Manjaro 18.0 Xfce Edition.

Manjaro 18.10 Illyria, Xfce Desktop - First impression

Distribution Name Manjaro Xfce Edition
Version 18.0
Release date 28th Ocrober 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment Xfce
Home page

Xubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish screenshots

Xubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish is a regular release of Xubuntu. It brings some components from Xfce 4.13, an upcoming release of Xfce Desktop. The Gtk 3.x migration is a part of this Xfce 4.13 release.

Xubuntu Cosmic Cuttlefish Xfce Desktop - First impression

Distribution Name Xubuntu
Version 18.10
Code name Cosmic Cuttlefish
Release Date 19th October 2018
Desktop Environment Xfce

GhostBSD 18.10 screenshots

GhostBSD 18.10 is the first GhostBSD release based on TrueOS. Earlier, this distribution was based on FreeBSD. The GhostBSD 18.10 brings an impressive MATE Desktop experience. Indeed, this is the best BSD that I have ever tried.

GhostBSD 18.10 MATE Desktop - First impression

Distribution Name GhostBSD
Version 18.10
Code name NA
Release Date 1st November 2018
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop

GhostBSD 18.10 ships MATE Desktop 1.20.3. It provides more robustness with a lot of issue fixes

Traditional MATE application menu in GhostBSD

GhostBSD file manager

Eye of MATE

Pluma Text Editor

Resource usage on idle state. GhostBSD 18.10 consumes only 300 MB of memory on idle state. This is quite impressive comparing to other popular MATE distributions like Ubuntu MATE. Ubuntu MATE 18.10 takes over 800 MB of memory on idle state. But, In GhostBSD CPU usage is almost double of Ubuntu MATE.

The MATE Control Centre

Octopkg is an advanced package manager shipped with GhostBSD

Shotwell Image Manager

That's all for now!!

Usually, I posts a few more screenshots for each distributions. Unfortunately, I could not do that because of 
  1. Inability to create bootable USB drive. I followed the dd instructions provided in project's official website. But, it did n't work. I even tried writing the entire USB drive with zeros.
  2. In VirtualBox, the distribution was hanging while opening resource intensive applications like Firefox, MATE Control Centre & something else, or Octopkg with package updates.
Hopefully, I can address these issues in upcoming GhostBSD release and post a few more screenshots.