Budgie Remix 16.04 screenshots

Distribution Name Budgie Remix
Version 16.04
Base Ubuntu/Debian
Desktop Environment Budgie
Home page https://www.budgie-remix.org
Packages Linux Kernel, Budgie Desktop, Rhythmbox music player, GNOME Movies, Plank ..etc ..etc
Budgie Remix 16.04 Preview
Budgie Remix is an unofficial flavor of Ubuntu that features Budgie Desktop, a modern yet traditional looking desktop environment built over GNOME 3 stacks. Budgie Remix combines powerful Ubuntu base with beautiful Budgie Desktop developed and maintained by Solus project. Budgie Remix 16.04, first most release of project, is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS and comes with Arc theme, customized lightdm display manager and a good looking wallpaper.

The Budgie Remix team is trying to be an official Ubuntu flavor so that, it can create a wider user base.

Live CD boot menu

Plymouth animation
Plymouth screen of Ubuntu Remix is much simple and has a distribution logo with an animating sector around it.
LightDM Display Manager
Budgie Remix is using a customized version lightdm as display manager. In fact, lightdm is the only display manager that is compatible with Budgie Desktop currently. Budgie Remix is using a nice background for lightdm.
Budgie Remix Desktop - First impression
Original Budgie Desktop is using task list on top panel as other traditional desktop environments. However, Budgie Remix is using plank docker on left side to highlight currently running applications. This docker is using intellihide feature so that, it will hide automatically if any application is running on full screen mode.

Budgie Remix Desktop uses same background as lightdm. However, there are several other wallpapers available to use.
Application Menu
Budgie Remix is using default application menu present in Budgie desktop, which has category listing of applications. This application menu can be activated by hitting on Super Key. Also it provides option to search for applications. This can be customized through Menu Settings in Budgie Configuration Manager.
Nautilus File Manager
Since Budgie Desktop is built over GNOME 3 stacks, it is using GNOME 3 applications for most of the purposes. And so is file manager. Budgie Desktop is using nautilus as file manager. Budgie Remix is shipping nautilus version 3.18.x.
GNOME Terminal Emulator

Calendar Application

Mozilla Firefox
 Budgie Remix is using Mozilla Firefox as default web browser which is decorated using Arc theme so that it won't looking different from other visual components.
GNOME Videos aka Totem Movie Player

Rhythmbox Music Player

LibreOffice Writer

GNOME Software
Even though other GNOME components are of version 3.18.x, Budgie Remix is shipping GNOME 3.20.x, latest stable release of GNOME Software.

System Settings

Raven Configuration Manager
Raven is configuration manger in Budgie Desktop. It provide options to configure panels, panel widgets and to change themes. All notifications are also shown in this configuration manager.
Shutdown confirmation

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