Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 Yakkety Yak screenshots

Distribution Name Ubuntu GNOME
Version 16.10
Code name Yakkety Yak
Release date 14th October 2016
Base Ubuntu/Debian
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page http://ubuntugnome.org/
Packages Linux Kernel, Firefox 49.0, evolution 3.22.0, totem 3.22.0, GNOME Software 3.20.1, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, GNOME Photos 3.22.1, LibreOffice ..etc
Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 Preview
Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 is a regular 6 monthly release of Ubuntu community flavor featuring GNOME Desktop, released on 14th October 2016. This release includes GNOME 3.20. The core system is using Gtk 3.20, however some Apps like Maps, Videos, Books ..etc are taken from 3.22 release.
You can find additional details of this release in Ubuntu wiki pages.

Ubuntu GNOME 16.10 Desktop

System Details

Application Menu

Multitasking Overview

Nautilus File Manager

GNOME Terminal


Totem Movie Player / GNOME Video

Rhythmbox Music Player

GNOME Software

System Resource Monitor

System Settings

Wallpaper Selection

System Menu

Shutdown Confirmation

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