Fedora 25 Workstation screenshots

Distribution Name Fedora
Version 25
Code name NA
Release date 22nd November 2016
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page http://fedoraproject.org/
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.6-300, gnome-shell 3.22.1, totem 3.22.0, firefox 49.0, evolution 3.22.1, rhythmbox 3.4.1, gnome-software 3.22.1, shotwell 0.24.1, gnome-boxes 3.22.1, gnome-maps, gnome-weather, LibreOffice, eog 3.20.5, flatpak 0.6.13 ..etc
Fedora 25 Workstation Preview
Fedora 25 released on 22nd November 2016 comes with several notable highlights including GNOME 3.22, replacement of X with Wayland display server, improved support for Flatpak, new media writer tool ..etc. This release also includes provision to install a plugin for MP3 decoding. This option will be offered by GNOME Software when you try to play an MP3 file without any mp3 enable plugins. For more highlights of this release, you can see release announcement published by FedoraMagazine.
Fedora 25 Workstation - GNOME 3.22 - Desktop

About Fedora 25 - System Details

GNOME Shell application menu

GNOME Shell - Multitasking Overview

Nautilus file manager

GNOME Terminal

Firefox Web browser

GNOME Videos

Rhythmbox Music Player

LibreOffice Writer

GNOME Calendar

GNOME Weather


GNOME Software

System Settings

Background Selection

Resource usage - GNOME System monitor

Calendar cum notification extension

Global system menu

Poweroff/Reboot confirmation

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