Ubuntu budgie remix 16.10 screenshots

Distribution Name budgie-remix
Version 16.10
Code name Yakkety Yak
Release date 16th October 2016
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Budgie Desktop
Home page https://budgie-remix.org
Packages Linux Kernel 4.8.0-22-generic, budgie-desktop 10.2.7, budgie-welcome 0.3.14, Mozilla Firefox 49.0, LibreOffice, Totem 3.22.0, Rhythmbox 3.4.1, transmission-gtk 2.92, geary 0.11.2, gnome-calendar 3.20.4, gnome-weather 3.20.2, GNOME Software 3.20.1, Plank 0.11.2 ..etc
budgie-remix 16.10 preview
budgie-remix 16.10 is an unofficial community derivative of Ubuntu featuring beautiful, elegant budgie desktop environment developed by Solus Project. This is the first release of project that completely follows Ubuntu release cycle. During the development cycle, the team has taken at most effort get their packages accepted in Debian and Ubuntu repositories and most of the packages have been approved by the respective maintainers. It is expected that, by next release, all packages will be approved and project can be recognized as an official community flavor of Ubuntu.

The budgie-welcome App

budgie desktop in budgie remix 16.10

System resource usage at the beginning.

Application Menu

Nautilus File Manager

GNOME Terminal

Firefox Web Browser

GNOME Videos

Rhythmbox Music Player

GNOME Calendar


GNOME Weather

LibreOffice Impress

GNOME Software

System Settings

Wallpaper selection

Raven Applets

Budgie desktop settings

User indicator applet

Power Off Confirmation

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Video preview of Ubuntu Budgie Remix 16.10