Zorin OS 12 Core screenshots

Distribution Name Zorin OS
Version 12
Code name NA (Xenial)
Release date 18th November 2016
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Zorin Desktop(Based on GNOME)
Home page http://zorinos.com
Packages Linux Kernel 4.4.0-47-generic, Nautilus 3.18.5, GNOME Terminal 3.18.3, totem 3.18.1, gnome-software 3.20.1, Chromium 53.0.2785.143, LibreOffice, Rhytmbox 3.3 ..etc
Zorin OS 12 Preview
Zorin OS is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution that offers a simple, elegant and efficient desktop experience. It provide easy option to switch between multiple desktop layouts to accommodate users coming from diverse background. It is expected to deliver an alternative desktop experience for windows and macOS users. Zorin OS 12 is biggest release of project so far and it has crossed 140000 downloads from 180 countries.
For more information see release announcement in projects blog.
Zorin OS 12 Desktop

About this system - System details

Traditional application menu

Multitasking overview

Nautilus file manager

GNOME Terminal

Chromium browser

GNOME Videos

Rhythmbox Music Player

Zorin Appearance Changer

Zorin classical desktop

Zorin - GNOME Shell like layout

Theme selection

Zorin Web Browser Manager

LibreOffice Impress

System Settings

Background selection

GNOME Software

System resource monitor

System menu

Calendar plugin

Shutdown confirmation

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