BOSS Linux(The Indian OS) 6.1 Anoop screenshots

This post showcases different screens of BOSS Linux 6.1 code named Anoop. BOSS (an acronym for Bharath Operating System Solutions), is an operating system developed by C-DAC, an Indian government institution.
Distribution Name BOSS Linux (Bharath Operating System Solutions)
Version 6.1
Code name Anoop
Release date 19th August 2015
Base Debian
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page
BOSS Linux 6.1 Anoop Preview

Choosing operating system to boot - Grub boot loader

GDM Login screen in BOSS Linux

First time welcome message introducing BOSS Linux

About BOSS Linux - GNOME System Details

BOSS Linux 6.1 Desktop - It is a classical desktop layout. There is application menu on top of screen and another panel on bottom of screen

Categorized application menu.

Full screen application menu which is default in GNOME Shell

Places menu

Nautilus file manager

GNOME Terminal

Multitasking overview

Mozilla Firefox Web browser

Chromium Web Browser

Totem Video Player

VLC Media Player

ClamAV Antivirus for GNU/Linux

Libreoffice Writer

GIMP Image Editor

System Settings

Image Viewer

Synaptic package manager

Calendar Widget

System Menu

Shutdown confirmation

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