Manjaro Deepin 17.0.2 screenshots

Deepin Desktop Environment developed by Deepin LLC, stands out among GNU/Linux desktop environments owing to it's beauty and efficiency. It is comparable with many proprietary desktop environments and is constantly evolving to address the ever changing concepts of beauty and elegance. Manjaro Deepin 17.0.2 comes with latest version of deepin desktop environment.
A preview of Manjaro Deepin 17.0.2

Distribution Name Manjaro LXQt Edition
Version 17.0.2
Release date 24th July 2017
Base Arch/Manjaro
Desktop Environment Deepin Desktop
Home page

Manjaro Hello, a Gtk based welcome app for Manjaro systems. This is common for all Manjaro flavors. It provides links to various support resources and will be launched on login if not configured to disable it explicitly

Manjaro Deepin 17.0.2 is using a dark background by default, which is not matching with other beautiful elements in desktop. There is a dock at the bottom of screen and desktop applications are enabled by default.

Just like GNOME Shell, deepin desktop environment has also one full screen application launcher. This can be opened by clicking on launchpad icon present on dock

Applications in launchpad can be arranged based on their category. This can be toggled using icons present on top left corner of launcher.

Deepin LLC has a lot of in house developed applications. Deepin Files is one among them.

Deepin Terminal is another application developed by deepin LLC. In this screenshot, screenfetch utility is used for illustration purpose.

When it comes to web browser, Manjaro deepin does not break the traditions. Mozilla Firefox is used as default web browser.

Deepin Videos is another in-house developed applications.

Deepin Music 3.0

Despite of using a desktop environment from China, Manjaro Deepin uses LibreOffice as default productivity suite. Usually, when see some GNU/Linux components from China, expectation would be, WPS office as default productivity suite.

Deepin Calendar application

Deepin System Monitor is youngest member in deepin family of applications. It presents resource usage in very elegant manner

Deepin Control Center is one of the unique feature of deepin desktop environment. Instead of using a windowed control center, it features configurations options as desktop widget.

Appearance Settings in Deepin Control Center

System Overview in Deepin Control Center

Changing backgrounds in Manjaro Deepin

Multitasking Overview. There is also provision to switch between different desktops. From the screenshot, it is evident that we can have different wallpapers in each desktop environment.

Presenting options for leaving the desktop. This can be launched by clicking on shutdown button present on bottom dock.

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