Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 screenshots

Manjaro LXQt is one of the most vibrant community flavor of Manjaro. Each Manjaro LXQt snaphsots comes with a fresh look and feel. The changes ranges from background to theme and desktop organization. Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 is an update snapshot of Manjaro LXQt brings LXQt 0.11.
Distribution Name Manjaro LXQt Edition
Version 17.0.2
Release date 9th July 2017
Base Arch/Manjaro
Desktop Environment LXQt Desktop
Home page
Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 uses Simple Display Manager (SDM) as default display manager. It comes with a stunning login screen which offers options for choosing various sessions(only LXQt and OpenBox are available in default).

Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 Desktop - First impression. This flavor is also using the default wallpaper in Manjaro 17.x releases. The Desktop is clean by default without any icons. Panel is placed on top of the screen

Top panel features a simple application menu to open application. It is very minimal in functionality. No search or arrow key navigation options are available.

Manjaro 17.0.2 LXQt flavor ships LXQt Desktop 0.11.0. It is the latest release of LXQt Desktop available till this release.

PCManFM-Qt is default file manger. It is a Qt port of PCManFM file manger, which was a port of LXDE desktop environment.

QTerminal is default terminal emulator present in this flavor. Screenfetch utility is installed for illustration purpose

QTerminal can operate either as an independent window or as a drop down terminal

Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2 is relative consuming less amount of memory. The htop utility is used to illustrate memory consumption

Manjaro 17.0.2 LXQt flavor comes with a very limited set of application. There is no media player, music player or even an image viewer. LXImage is installed for illustration purpose.

JuffEd is a full featured text editor shipped by default in Manjaro LXQt flavor. It has code highlighting feature.

QupZilla is default browser in Manjaro LXQt 17.0.2. This browser is lightweight in resource usage and also it has an efficient ad blocker.

Octopi package manger can be used to install missing packages, say whether it is a media player, music player, or any other applications available in repositories.

Octopi file manager will check for updates in background and will let you know if any updates are available. These updates can be installed by a simple mouse click.

LXQt configuration Center is an integrated part of LXQt Desktop environment. It provides a single place to look for various customization options

There is a simple Places Applet available on panel.

Various leave options available in application menu

LXQt Desktop asks to confirm shutdown so that, you won't shutdown your system by mistake.

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