deepin 15.4.1 screenshots

deepin 15.4.1 is a stable release of deepin GNU/Linux operating system developed and shipped by deepin LLC. It comes with stunning deepin desktop having same version number. Some of the features introduced as part of this release includes mini-mode dock and application window preview.
A preview of deepin OS 15.4.1
Distribution Name deepin
Version 15.4.1
Release date 22nd July 2017
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Deepin Desktop
Home page

First impression of deepin 15.4.1. As brand mark of deepin desktop, there is a dock located at the bottom of the screen. Beginning from this release, it can be configured to fill entire length of the screen.

Full screen application launcher listing all applications installed in system

Application launcher showing applications in corresponding categories. This mode can be toggled using icon given at top left corner of application launcher

Multitasking overview in deepin desktp. If there are multiple desktops available, it can also be selected from overview screen. This view can be opened by clicking on multitasking overview button available on dock.

Deepin File is a simple yet powerful file manager for managing files

deepin terminal is another home made application as part of deepin desktop environment. In this screenshot, screenfetch utility is used for illustration.

Unlike many open source operating systems, deepin ships chrome as default desktop environment. It shows that, deepin project is less adamant when there is tie between user expectation and open source philosophies.

deepin movies or simply DMovie is a part of deepin application suite. It enables seamless playback of multimedia files

deepin music player

Again, another choice to satisfy user requirement. Instead of libreoffice suite shipped by regular distributions, deepin ships WPS as default office productivity suite.

deepin software is a powerful package manager that facilitate installation of various packages including proprietary copyrighted packages and other open source tools which are not in Debian/deepin repositories yet.

A single application view in deepin software

deepin calendar application

deepin image viewer

GNOME System Monitor is default monitoring tool used in deepin 15.4.1 release. After this release, deepin has developed their own monitoring tool called deepin system monitor. It can be installed from deepin software center.

deepin settings widget.

switching themes in deepin settings

personalization in deepin settings

About deepin 15.4.1 release.

Various options listed in shutdown confirmation view. This can be opened by clicking on power button present on deepin dock

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