KDE Neon User Edition 2017-08-08 screenshots

KDE Neon User Edition is an amazing experiment that combines solid Ubuntu Core with latest Plasma technologies. With this distribution, you can enjoy the stability of Ubuntu and recent innovations from KDE Plasma simultaneously.
Distribution Name KDE Neon
Version User Edition 2017.08.08
Release Date 8th August 2017
Base Ubuntu 16.04
Desktop Environment KDE Plasma
KDE Neon 2017-08-08 snapshot preview
KDE Neon Plasm Desktop - First Impression

About KDE Neon - KInfoCenter is a part of Plasma System Settings App and it showcases, various aspects of the system including version of different software packages and hardware configurations

Traditional looking yet modern application menu

Dolphin File Manager. Default Icon size is too small, you need to zoom it a bit using Ctrl + mouse scroll

Konsole - A powerful terminal emulator that comes as part of Plasma Desktop. In this screenshot, screenfetch utility is installed for illustration

Multitasking Overview. Various open windows are expanded to show in a single screen

Firefox is default browser in KDE Neon. There is no compromise by using some lightweight, or less popular browsers.

Again instead of using Amarok, Dragon or other Media players used by Plasma based distributions, KDE Neon provides VLC as default media player

Gwenview is featured image viewer for Plasma Desktop

Qt Designer is part of default installation of KDE Neon. It is useful more UI designers are developers.

System Settings is a central location to customize different aspects of operating system.

Customizing Look & Feel in KDE Neon. You can either use dark or bright themes coming with default installation. Alternatively, you can download other themes and install it.

KDE Neon, in general any Plasma based distribution does an excellent job when it comes to system resource consumptions. It takes only ~370 MB of memory on idle state. This is when budgie takes ~700MB and GNOME takes ~900MB of memory on idle state. It should be noted that, this huge difference in memory consumption is without compromising performance and responsiveness.

Discover is GUI based Software Center for Plasma Desktops. With this tool, you can install, remove and update various software packages.

KWrite is a simple yet powerful text editor.

Update notifier notifying about availability of various updates

Audio Volume control applet

Various options listed to leave the session

Shutdown confirmation

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