Mageia 6 GNOME edition screenshots

Mageia 6 is sixth stable release of community driven GNU/Linux distribution which was initially forked from Mandriva Linux. Mageia 6 GNOME edition screens are not that are interesting for people who appreciate beautiful and unique desktop environments. Mageia 6 is shipped with a stock GNOME 3.24 shell with a custom background.
A preview of Mageia 6 GNOME edition

Distribution Name Mageia
Version 18.2
Release date 17th July 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page

Mageia 6 is shipped with GNOME 3.24.2. Instead customizing GNOME shell, Mageia uses a stock edition. The only difference is a branded wallpaper.

On very first launch of Mageia 6, a Welcome App is shown. It includes links to various documentations and community support channels.

Mageia Welcome app has a dedicated section to open/install all commonly used codecs, plugins and packages. It includes proprietary plugins required for streaming common multimedia files.

Mageia 6 ships GNOME 3.24.2, latest release GNOME shell available at the release time of Mageia 6.

Application launcher in Mageia 6. It is a typical GNOME shell launcher, nothing interesting.

Multitasking Overview

Nautilus file manager. One important difference with predecessors is inside content preview on folders. Look at icon for Pictures folder which includes a few screenshots of Mageia

GNOME Terminal. Tries to install screenfetch packages using urpmi screenfetch command. But it was complaining that screenfetch package is not available. Did I miss something here?

Firefox Web Browser
GNOME Videos - aka Totem Movie Player

GNOME Music Player. Default Music Player as part of GNOME Desktop

Rhythmbox Music Player. What is the purpose of using two music players in default installation of an operating system?

Shotwell image manager

Eye Of GNOME Image Viewer

GIMP Image Editor

LibreOffice Impress.

System Settings window (aka gnome-control-center)
When it comes wallpaper selection, mageia has nothing to offer much. It includes default wallpapers from GNOME shell and some branded mageia wallpapers.

Mageia 6 GNOME edition uses around 900 MB on first startup. Needless to say, it is very high for GNOME shell. I'm feeling so, may be because I don't have much experience with GNOME 3.24.x

Mageia Control Center is a system administration tool to configure various services in operating system.

Drakrpm Software Manager is default Software Manager in Mageia 6. It can be launcher either directly or from mageia control center.


GNOME Cloack

GNOME Tweak Tool helps to configure different parts of GNOME shell. Beginning from this release, it is an integrated part of GNOME shell itself.

Global notification cum Calendar applet will also show details of currently playing music file.

System Menu
Shutdown Confirmation

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