Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 Plasma screenshots

As the name suggests, Netrunner Rolling is a rolling GNU/Linux distribution built on top of Manjaro. In addition to Manjaro Core and Plasma desktop it brings various applications which may find use in day to day life. In this post, you can see various screens of Netrunner Rolling 2017.07, a stable snapshot released on July 2017.

Netrunner Rolling 2017.07 Preview

Netrunner Rolling Plasma Desktop - First Impression

About Netrunner Rolling release- KInfoCentre displaying various software and hardware details

Application Launcher.  (It is most unique launcher I have seen in GNU/Linux distributions)

Dolphin File Manager

Konsole Terminal Emulator

Yakuake drop down terminal

Switching applications using Alt + Tab key combination
Firefox Web Browser



Audacious Music Player - Initially forked from XMMP and it looks like classic winamp player

GIMP Image Editor

Krita Music Player

LibreOffice Impress

Gwenview Image Viewer

Marble Virtual Globe

System Settings

Customizing Look & Feel

Manjaro Kernel Manager (Netrunner Rolling is inherited from Manjaro and keeps the kernel manager as it is)

Background Selection

Octopi package manager

GNOME Software (On Plasma environment? So strange!!)

Resource Usage Monitor - KSysGuardMonitor (It takes around 50 MB more memory comparing to other Plasma based distributions)

Battery & Brightness configuration Widget

Volume Control Widget

Usually, I conclude all screenshot tours with shutdown menu and shutdown confirmation window. Unfortunately, I was not able to capture neither of them in Netrunner Rolling live image. Shutdown options are embedded in application launcher itself. So, if I take a screenshot of that, it is not going to be different from application launcher shown at beginning. Also, on clicking shutdown button we're taken away from the session without any confirmation. So, I had to put a sudden full stop in screenshot tour.

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