Solus 3 Budgie Edition screenshots

Screenshots of Solus 3 Budgie Edition. It is 3rd iteration of Solus after switching to a rolling release model. Unlike a pure rolling release, Solus 3 is  a part of a hybrid release model and it brings tons of optimizations and improvements.
Distribution Name Solus Budgie Edition
Version 3
Code name NA
Release date 15th August 2017
Base Solus
Desktop Environment Budgie
Home page
Solus 3 Budgie Desktop Preview

Solus 3 Budgie Desktop 10.4 - First impression. In this release, Solus is using a bottom panel by default instead of top panel used in previous releases. Though, you can configure this panel to be at any position.

About Solus (GNOME System Details)

The budgie application menu has been optimized based on experience with Brisk Menu for MATE Desktop. Now it uses an intelligent search results. Duplicate entries will be removed from search results. You can also search applications by their generic name or descriptions.

Budgie Application menu in compact mode. This mode can be enabled in on Budgie Settings App.

Nautilus File Manager

GNOME Terminal. It is configured to be transparent. In this screenshot, neofetch utility is used for illustration purpose.

Alt + Tab switching is improved in this release. Earlier, Alt + Tab feature was pretty basic. Now, it uses standard icon theme instead of default X11 icons. It also supports Shift + Alt + Tab for switching windows in reverse order.
Firefox Web Browser

GNOME MPV - Default Video Player in Solus Budgie Edition

Rhythmbox Music Player

LibreOffice productivity suite.

GNOME Calendar Application

GNOME Image Viewer (aka Eye of GNOME)

GNOME Control Center is still used as center location for configuring various system options.

Solus 3 comes with a decent collection of wallpapers. Some of them are inherited from previous releases. While there are some new cool wallpapers  available.
Solus Software Center - Home page

Solus Software Center - Category listing

3rd party applications in Solus Software Center

In Budgie 10.4, most of the configuration options have been moved to a stand alone application named Budgie Settings. It provides options to changes various desktop, panel, applet and window manager related configurations.

Budgie 10.4 provides support for panel transparency. You can set panels to be always transparent, not to be transparent and to adopt transparency dynamically.

Budgie 10.4 release provides support for panel dock mode. When panel is in dock mode, it will take as much space as required.

In Budgie 10.4 release, panels can be configured vertically. Most of the applets in panel will adjust automatically to occupy available panel space. 

Panel placed on right side of screen

The places applet has been updated to show/hide shortcuts present in file manager

Night Light applet will help you to turn on pleasant screen settings in dark atmosphere. It will help to reduced eye pain and stress while using computers for a long time during night.

After moving most of the configuration options to Budgie Settings, Raven Widget is more compact now. It includes recently shown notifications and a few applets.

Monitoring resources usage using gnome system monitor. Personally, I feel like budgie is no more eligible to be called as a lightweight desktop environment. It is more resource consuming comparing to previous releases, may be due to change in underlying gnome stack. Same effect was observed with gnome shell as well.

User indicator applet shows various options to leave budgie workspace.

Shutdown confirmation

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