Windows binary compatible ReactOS 0.4.6 screenshots

ReactOS is an independently developed operating system compatible with windows binary executables. It is inspired by Windows 9x architecture and provides an experience similar to classic windows operating system. Yet it supports modern hardware equipments.

ReactOS 0.4.6 makes a huge improvement in hardware support. It implements a corruption free mechanism for handling partitions and provides better support for dual booting.
Loading ReactOS operating system. It is very fast process and takes us to the desktop quickly.

Default desktop of ReactOS is very dull in terms of modern design concepts. It resembles with classic windows desktop with taskbar on bottom.

ReactOS desktop after changing wallpaper and applying a modern theme

Classic start menu in ReactOS. In configurations, there is an option to change start menu. But it is disabled by default. I could n't find a way to enable it.

ReactOS File Explorer

ReactOS paint. A remake of ms paint.

ReactOS Notepad v1.0

ReactOS wordpad is a decent word processing software

Command Prompt

ReactOS Control Panel. A central place for all configuration options

ReactOS application manager helps us to install various windows applications. These applications are tested on ReactOS. Alternatively, we can install standard windows executable, which may or may not work.

Opera browser installed in ReactOS. It is installed from Application Manager, but not the latest version.

Appearance Settings in ReactOS.

ReactOS media player is a remake of classic windows media player

Spider Solitare game in ReactOS

Shutdown confirmation

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