Fedora 27 beta screenshots

Fedora 27 is a planned stable release of community driven, open source operating system supported by Red Hat Inc. Keeping the tradition of the project, Fedora 27 brings latest and greatest open source technologies for the users. It ships with emerging technologies like GNOME 3.26, Wayland and more. Fedora 27 Beta, first and only development release of Fedora 27 was released on 3rd October 2017. It gives a clear idea on what we can expect from upcoming Fedora 27 release.
First impression of Fedora 27 Workstation beta. It features a blue shaded wallpaper. On top, there is transparent panel as part of GNOME 3.26.
Distribution Name Fedora
Version 27 Beta
Code name NA
Release date 3rd October 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page http://fedoraproject.org/

About Fedora 27. This window is a part of GNOME Control Center. In previous releases, it was named as system details.

Full screen application menu. The default experience from GNOME

Multitasking Overview helps to select between currently active windows and workplaces.

Alt + Tab window switching is a desired feature in modern desktop operating systems.

Nautilus file manager

GNOME Terminal

Mozilla Firefox Web browser

Totem movie player (aka GNOME Videos)

Rhythmbox Music Player

LibreOffice Writer

Shotwell Photo Manager

Resource usage on idle state. It is quite disappointing that, operating system takes around 1 GB of memory on idle state. This measurement is taken after loading operating system from bootable drive & waiting for a moment to settle down background operations.

GNOME Clocks applications help to keep track of time on different regions of world.

TODO application helps to a maintain a todo list with tentative expiry date.

GNOME Calendar App

GNOME 3.26 brings a redesigned control center which provides easier navigation between different sections

Background selection in Fedora 27 beta

Calendar cum Notification widget will show a simple calendar with times added on clock application. It will also show notifications from different applications if any

System Menu provides different options like sound & brightness control, wifi selection, bluetooth configuration, battery info, and other quick shortcuts.

Power Off confirmation dialog asks whether to power off or restart the system.
I wanted to take a few more screenshots like Firefox loading a web page, Weather App, GNOME Software, GNOME Maps ..etc. Unfortunately, I was not able to do it because of crash introduced by network connection on live session. Hopefully, I can capture and publish those screenshots for the Fedora 27 stable release.

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