Lubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark screenshots

Distribution Name Lubuntu
Version 17.10
Code name Artful Aardvark
Release date 20th October 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment LXDE
Home Page
A preview of Lubuntu 17.10, streaming a video from local file system
Lubuntu 17.10 is a regular release of Lubuntu, an official community flavor of Ubuntu featuring lightweight LXDE desktop environment. Comparing to previous releases, Lubuntu 17.10 does not bring much changes on user experience. Under the hood it includes all updated packages and bug fixes from Ubuntu base release.

Lubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark - Loading operating system - Plymouth splash screen

Lubuntu 17.10 LXDE Desktop - First impression

Traditional looking, simple application menu inherited from LXDE world

The PCManFM (File manager from LXDE ecosystem)

LXterminal showing output of screenfetch command. It identifies operating system as Ubuntu, the parent distribution.

Despite of being a lightweight distribution, Lubuntu brings Mozilla Firefox as default browser. It is far ahead of other lightweight browsers

MPlayer is default video player included in Lubuntu. In previous release, ie, Lubuntu 17.04, it was MPV.

Instead of shipping a full featured office suite with operating system, Lubuntu brings a lightweight word processor Abiword. Despite of being lightweight, it is full featured and sufficient enough to perform regular word processing tasks.

Gnumeric - A lightweight spread sheet - is another office software included in Lubuntu release.

GPicView is standard image viewer in Lubuntu 17.10

mtPaint - A simple drawing program.

Audacious Music Player

Leafpad text editor running on Lubuntu 17.10

Synaptic package manager

Resource usage on idle state. It is much less comparing to other main stream distributions.

XPad is a simple sticky notes application.

Customizing look & feel

Shutdown confirmation.
GNOME Software is also included in Lubuntu 17.10 as a graphical front end for application management. I did n't capture it's screenshot because it was not loading applications on start. It neither showed any error message :(.

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