Xubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark screenshots

Xubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark is a regular release of Xubuntu, an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution featuring Xfce Desktop environment. Since there is no recent upstream release from Xfce project, Xubuntu 17.10 is almost same as it's decedents in visual perspective. Though it includes updated packages and bug fixes from Ubuntu base. Let's have a quick visit through various screens of Xubuntu 17.10.
A preview of Xubuntu 17.10 login screen

Distribution Name Xubuntu
Version 17.10
Code name Artful Aardvark
Release date 20th October 2017
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Home Page http://xubuntu.org/

Xubuntu 17.10 Artful Aardvark screenshots

About Xfce Desktop. There is no much change over years. It still continues at version 4.12

Whisker Application Menu. It is modern enough, but is shame that, there is no provision to launch menu by hitting super key.

Application Finder. An alternative way to launch applications.

Thunar file manager

Xfce 4 Terminal. screenfetch utility is installed for illustration.

Alt + Tab window switching. An essential feature of modern operating systems.

Mozilla Firefox Web browser

Parole Media Player

LibreOffice Writer

Mousepad text editor

Task Manager

Top utility showcases resource usage on idle state. It is using around 370MB of memory on idle which comparable with Plasma Desktop. Does Xfce still holds the credibility to get called as lightweight desktop environment? It is time to rethink.

Appearance Settings.

Ristretto Image Viewer

Settings Manager

Background Selection

Window Manager

GNOME Software is used as default Software Center application in Xubuntu. I was not able to see application categories listed here. Am I expected to wait some more time? No idea. Also, installed applications were not shown in corresponding category.

Time to windup. Shutdown confirmation window in Xubuntu 17.10

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