Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 lugalbanda screenshots

Inspired by the wide acceptability of Uruk GNU/Linux 1.0, Uruk project has announced the availability of Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 lugalbanda. Based on the experiences with previous releases, Uruk team has done a lot of effort to provide a much-improved user experience.

A Preview of Uruk GNU/Linux 2.0 lugalbanda Desktop
Distribution Name Uruk GNU/Linux
Version 2.0
Code name lugalbanda
Base Trisquel/Ubuntu
Desktop Environment MATE
Release date 5th December 2017

The Uruk Welcome App provides links to various tools & documents. This app was not auto started during the live session. It may be autostarted after installation.

Uruk uses a modern application menu instead of classic application menu provided by MATE Desktop. The same menu is used in Linux Mint MATE edition.

Caja File Manager - A full featured file manager as part of MATE Desktop.

The MATE Terminal showing the output of the screenfetch command. Since Uruk is at its early stages of evolution, the utility is not able to correctly identify the operating system.

Abrowser - A 100% free web browser derived from Mozilla Firefox

The VLC Media Player

Rhythmbox Music Player

LibreOffice Writer
Eye Of MATE image viewer

Pluma - An advanced text editor

The Uruk Control Center

The Uruk Software Center

Synaptic Package Manager

The Uruk Cleaner - A small utility to clean system logs and apt-cache

About the system - MATE System Monitor

Resource usage on idle state - MATE System Monitor

The top utility showing memory usage on idle state

MATE Tweaks

Background Selection (Nothing interesting here)

Shutdown confirmation

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