SolydXK 201801 Xfce screenshot tour

SolydXK 201801 is an updated installation image of SolydXK. In addition to various updates from base distribution, it includes latest Linux Kernal which includes the fix for Meltdown vulnerability, brands new SolydXK settings manager ..etc. Let's have a quick walk through various screens of SolydXK 201801 Xfce flavor.

Distribution Name SolydXK
Version 201801
Code name NA
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 16th January 2018

SolydXK 201801 Xfce Desktop. On first impression, it looks exactly like Plasma Desktop. The bottom panel is made transparent and is themed like Plasma.
Similar to recent Xfce flavors, SolydXK 201801 also features Xfce 4.12, the +latest available release of Xfce Desktop Environment.

The Whisker Application Menu is also themed well. Unlike many other Xfce flavor, application menu is not looking that odd comparing to it's surrounding. However, a bit transparency will make it better. Best point is application menu is configured to launch with the Super key, which is a much expected feature in modern operating systems.

The Thunar File Manager

Xfce4 Terminal Emulator. The screenfetch utility is used for illustration purpose. I was expecting this utility to identify SolydXK as Debian. But it identifies SolydXK as unknow distribution, which is not that bad.

GUI multitasking demonstration in SolydXK.

Alt + Tab window switching feature.

Firefox is used as default web browser in SolydXK. It is better than shipping some other less functional browsers for the sake of lightweightness.

VLC Media Player

LibreOffice Writer.

The Xfce4 Task Manager lists RAM & Memory usage of varoius applications. Though it does n't show accumulate memory usage.

The top utility shows resource usage at idle state. SolydXK consumes around 580 MB of memory on rest. Which is not bad enough comparing to the user experience provided.

Mousepad is a simple, yet effective text editor.

Packages isthe pacakge manager used in SolydXK. I'm not familiar with GUI tool. It is looking similar to Yumex. The package manager used to come as front end of YUM.

XFCE4 Settings Manager

Appearance Settings.

Background selection. Usually, most of the distributions ship a plenty of beautiful wallpaper. But, SolydXK does not provide any such wallpaper. It includes only some branded wallpapers.

SolydXK System Settings.

Virus Scanner. A simple tool to check for vulnerabilities in system.

Sticky notes application.

Logout options

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