Uruk 2.0 Xfce Edition screenshots

With the release of version 2.0, Uruk team has decided to expand the diversity of Uruk GNU/Linux by providing an additional desktop environment. Toward this goal, the project has released in Uruk 2.0 Xfce edition after the successful release of default MATE edition.

Uruk Welcome App - This is the first application shown when Uruk is loaded after installation. This provides links to various tools within the operating system and external links to various resources.

Distribution Name Uruk
Version 2.0 Xfce Edition
Code name lugalbanda
Base Trisquel/Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 26th December 2017

First impression of Uruk 2.0 Xfce Desktop. Similar to the MATE edition, there is one dock located at the bottom of the screen and panel on top of the screen.

Uruk 2.0 Xfce edition makes use of Whisker application menu to access applications easily. Unfortunately, this application menu is not bound to the Super key as we expect from modern operating systems.

Thunar file manager.

Xfce4 Terminal Emulator

GUI based multitasking demonstration.

A browser is default web browser used in Uruk. It is a modified version of Firefox to be 100% compliant with free software guide lines.

VLC Media Player

Rhythmbox Music Player

GIMP Image Editor

LibreOffice Impress

Ristretto Image Viewer


Xfce4 Task Manager

top command showing resource usage measuremenets

Htop, an advanced version of top is also included in Uruk

Uruk Control Center replaces default settings manager provided by Xfce Desktop

Desktop Settings showing various backgrounds available

Uruk Cleaner

Synaptic Package Manager

Uruk Software Center

User Context menu showing variuos methods to leave current session.

Shutdown confirmation dialog

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