Fedora 27 LXQt spin screenshots

I was always curious to explore LXQt desktop since the moment I heard about it for the first time. I have tried installing LXQt desktop in Fedora & Ubuntu releases by configuring third-party repositories. But my experience was always incomplete. Every time, there was something missing. Like entries in the application menu, desktop background ..etc. The Manjaro LXQt Edition, on the other hand, was over customized with a lot of colors and effects. I did n't want to use such a system in my daily life.

Recently, I saw someone shared a screenshot of Fedora 27 LXQt spin on facebook. I was quite desperate with my experience with recent Fedora Workstation releases because of it's poor quality and lack of stability. Still, I decided to give a try for the LXQt spin. To my surprise, the experience was quite impressing. Let's have a walk through various screens of Fedora 27 LXQt spin.
Distribution Name Fedora
Version 27
Code name NA
Release date 14th November 2017
Base Independent
Desktop Environment LXQt
Home page http://fedoraproject.org/

The login screen in Fedora 27 LXQt spin.

LXQt Desktop in Fedora 27 spin. The desktop is completely empty by default. In live session, we can see the installer link here.

About LXQt Desktop. Fedora 27 LXQt spin is shipped with LXQt 0.11.x. The latest LXQt release at the moment is 0.12.x

The LXQt application menu. It is simple, compact & traditional

Despite of simplicity, LXQt application menu provides a search functionality with which we can search for applications. Though, there is one issue/unexpected thing here. The search entry persists even after closing the menu. Which is somewhat not convenient.

PCManFM file manager. The LXDE file manager ported to Qt.

QTerminal - A simple, multi platform supported terminal application.

Another mode of QTerminal. Terminal can be launcher as a dropdown application.

GUI based multitasking demonstration on LXQt Desktop.

The QupZilla browser. This browser is lightweight & disables advertisements by default.

The Dragon Video Player

Yarock Music Player

Featherpad - A Qt based simple text editor.

LXImage Viewer


System resource usage on idle state. It takes only 237 MB to run Fedora 27 LXQt spin. While it takes almost 1 GB to run Fedora 27 workstation.

The LXQt Configuration Center

Appearance Settings

LXQt Appearance Configuration

Power Management Settings

Battery Info

Leave the sessions options in application menu

Shutdown confirmation

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