Linux Lite 3.8 Final screenshots

Linux Lite 3.8 is the final stable release in Linux Lite 3.x series. It brings various package updates from base distribution and other improvements on Lite Applications. Let's have a quick walk through various screens of Linux Lite 3.8.

Linux Lite 3.8 Final - Boot splash screen

Distribution Name Linux Lite
Version 3.8
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 1st February 2018
Home page

LightDM Login screen

Lite Welcome App - A welcome app which gives quick links to various tweaks, documentations & forums.

Linux Lite 3.8 Xfce Desktop - Final impression.

About the system - System Information

Whisker Application Menu

Thunar File Manager

The Xfce4 Terminal. Oh, ho, we have something wrong here. The screenfetch utility identifies OS as Ubuntu. This is different from what I have experienced while exploring some other less popular distributions. In those distributions, screenfetch used to identify OS as a generic Linux distribution. 

Demonstrating GUI based multitasking.
Mozilla Firefox Web browser

The VLC Media Player

GIMP Image Editor

LibreOffice Writer

Lite Software - A simple application for installing/uninstalling various free & proprietary packages.

Lite Tweaks

Ristretto Image Viewer

Leafpad Text Editor

Resource usage on idle state

Synaptic package manager

System resource monitor Conky

Settings Manager - An integrated configuration center inherited from Xfce4.

Background Selection

System Report generated by report generator tool

Shutdown confirmation.

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