Fedora 28 Workstation beta screenshots

Fedora 28 Workstation beta release is major milestone in the development of upcoming Fedora 28 stable release planned for May 2018. In addition to various package updates, this release brings initial support for modular repositories, GNOME 3.28, latest version of LibreOffice ..etc. Le'ts have a quick walk through Fedora 28 Workstation screenshots.
Distribution Name Fedora
Version 28
Code name NA
Release date 04 April 2018
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page http://fedoraproject.org/

First impression Fedora 28 Workstation Desktop. The wallpaper is somewhat boring and it appears like of less quality despite of it's file size and pixel ratio.

About Fedora 28. The about dialog integrated with GNOME Control Centre. Fedora 28 uses GNOME 3.28 as default desktop environment.

Fedora brings most of the applications actively developed by GNOME project.

Nautilus File Manager

GNOME Terminal showing output of screenfetch command for illustration.

Multitasking Overview - A feature of GNOME shell

Alt + Tab window switching in Fedora 28 beta

GUI based multitasking demonstration.

With the GNOME short keys, we can easily arrange windows side by side

Fedora ships most of the applications from GNOME project, except web browser. It uses Firefox as default web browser instead of epiphany provided by GNOME project.

GNOME Videos aka Totem.

Rhythmbox Music Player

GNOME Photos application provides a more elegant way to manager our photos

Fedora 28 ships LibreOffice in default installation. This is the latest version of productivity suite at the moment.

As per the statistics shown by gnome-system-monitor, Fedora 28 takes around 1.2 GB of memory on idle state. This is very high and may be due to recently discovered memory leak issue in GNOME Desktop environment.

At the same time, top command shows a memory usage around 800 MB.

The GNOME calendar application

The GNOME clocks application with which we can create clocks showing current time at various parts of world, set alarm, stopwatch and timer.

GNOME Maps helps us to explore the earth in easy way.

GNOME Weather app shows real time weather in various parts of world. It has also a beautiful illustration to indicate the weather

GNOME Control Centre or simply Settings. One of the key highlight of GNOME control centre 3.28 is ability to remember previously opened tab.

Comparing to previous releases, background selection is very poor in Fedora 28 beta. There are only two wallpaper images shipped in Fedora ISO.

GNOME Software helps to easily install, remove and update application. When we launches this for the first time, it asks whether we want to enable 3rd party repos which will give access to a wide range of proprietary applications.

With GNOME Software all of the installed applications can be removed or updated.

In GNOME Software, applications has been classified to different categories.

GNOME Calendar cum notification widget shows a small calendar with weather details and world clock times. It also includes various notifications generated by the system.

GNOME System Menu helps to configure brightness and volume and to manager network connection. It also includes shortcuts for settings, rotate screen, lock screen and poweroff.

Poweroff confirmation.


Usually, we don't write conclusion in DistroScreens. But, for Fedora 28 I want to write it as it is doing better than it's ancestors. Recent releases of Fedora used to crash occasionally after connecting with the network and I had a gut feeling like Fedora releases are coming without any proper QA.

When it comes to Fedora 28, it is pretty solid and working smoothly. I have n't experienced any unexpected behavior while exploring Fedora 28 Workstation beta. Let's hope the final release of Fedora 28 will also carry this much quality and regain it's reputation as a reliable operating system.

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