Trisquel 8 Flidas Mini Edition screenshots

In addition to regular Trisquel releases, Trisquel project also provides mini edition with a lightweight desktop environment to use in old and low resource computers. The Trisquel 8 Mini edition features LXDE as default desktop environment.

Let's have a quick tour through different screens of Trisquel 8.0 Flidas mini edition.
Distribution Name Trisquel Mini
Version 8
Code name Flidas
Release Date 18th April 2018
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop

Trisquel 8.0 Flidas, LXDE Desktop - First impression

The classic application menu in Trisquel 8 Mini edition

PCManFM file manager


Multitasking Overview

Midori Web browser

MPlayer enables out of the box media support in Trisquel 8 mini edition

Abiword - A simple, yet powerful word processing tool
Leafpad is a simple text editor

mtPaint is a simple drawing program

GPicView 0.2.5 is shipped as default image viewer in Trisquel 8.0 mini edition

A simple application to add/remove applications

For advanced users Trisquel 8 also includes synaptic package manager

Customizing look & feel in Trisquel Desktop

Desktop Preferences

Resource usage on idle state. As per the output given by top utility, Trisquel takes only 210 MB of memory on idle state.

Shutdown confirmation.

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