Fedora 28 Workstation screenshots

Fedora 28 Workstation is a stable release of popular, independently developed, bleeding edge GNU/Linux distribution. This release brings various improvements to provide a better desktop experience. Some of the highlights of Fedora 28 Workstation includes various kernel level and hardware tuning to provide longer battery backup on laptops, ability to enable proprietary repositories with a single click, GNOME 3.28 ..etc.
Distribution Name Fedora
Version 28
Code name NA
Release date 1st May 2018
Base Independent
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page http://fedoraproject.org/

First impression of Fedora 28 Workstation, the background looks very beautiful and it is of very high quality.

Fedora 28 Workstation features GNOME 3.28.x as default desktop environment. Well, the 0.28 may be a coincidence.

Application Overview, default feature of GNOME shell

Nautilus file manager, icons are a little big but not looking bad in overall

GNOME Terminal emulator. As usual in distroscreens screenshots, screenfetch utility is used for demo

Multitasking Overview - Another cool feature of GNOME shell

A demo of GUI based multitasking. Nautilus, Firefox and GNOME terminal running simultaneously.

Alt + Tab window switching. Nothing changed here for years.

For better productivity, firefox is still used as default browser

GNOME Videos. Additional plugins and codecs are required to play common multimedia files. It is not that easy in a live session. Hence, no screenshot while streaming a video :(
Rhythmbox Music Player. Nothing changed much since years

LibreOffice 6.x series is used as productivity suite in Fedora 28 

The revamped version of GNOME Photos helps us to organize our photos in a better way.

GNOME Calendar

GNOME Weather


GNOME Clocks

GNOME Software in Fedora 28. Do you see the message on top of the window? Yes. It is asking whether we want to enable proprietary repositories or not. One of the cool highlight in Fedora 28

Once we enable 3rd party repositories, we can get access to a variety of proprietary packages including Google Chrome

GNOME Control Center

There are only two backgrounds available in Fedora 28 Workstation. If we are more interested in backgrounds, we can install package containing community contributed wallpapers

As per GNOME System Monitor, it takes around 1.1 GiB of memory to run Fedora 28 Workstation without any application open.

While the top utility says, it takes only 837 MB of memory on idle state.

Calendar cum Notification widget integrated to GNOME shell. In notification area, it includes an indicator for rhythmbox which is running on background

The System Menu, a place to access various system related operations like poweroff, logout, settings .e.tc

On clicking Power Off, Fedora asks whether you want o Power Off or Restart the system.

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