KaOS 2018.04 screenshots

KaOS 2018.04 is a rolling snapshot of independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution that offers a lean Plasma experience. Let's have a quick tour through various screens of KaOS 2018.04.
Distribution Name KaOS
Version 2018.04
Code name NA
Release date 6th March 2018
Base Independent
Desktop Environment Plasma
Home page https://kaosx.us/

SSDM Login Manager in KaOS 2018.04

KaOS welcome app, inspired by welcome app in other desktop environments

KaOS Desktop - First impression

About System - KInfoCenter in Plasma Desktop

Unlike many other desktop environments, panel is located on left panel. There is a compact application menu

Dolphin File Manager

Konsole Terminal Emulator
A demonstration of GUI based multitasking

Falkon Web browser

Calligra Words

Karbon Vector Drawing program

Elisa Music Player

SMPlayer is used as default media player. In default installation MPV is also present

KSysGuard showing memory usage on idle state

top utility is used to demonstrate the resource usage

System Settings

Background selection

Octopi file manager

Audio volume control widget

Shutdown confirmation

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