Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Bionic Beaver screenshots

Ubuntu MATE is one among the most popular and successful official derivatives of Ubuntu. Within a relatively small span, it has acquired a lot of growth both in terms of popularity and financial base. The distribution occupied the space left by the classical Ubuntu releases with GNOME 2.x Desktop.

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 is a stable release of Ubuntu MATE project. The initial idea of this project was to retain the user experience provided by the earlier Ubuntu releases, however, the Ubuntu MATE 18.04 comes with some significant changes including the Brisk Menu, a modern application menu developed by Solus project in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE.

Let's have a quick tour through various screens of Ubuntu MATE 18.04.
Distribution Name Ubuntu MATE
Version 18.04
Code name Bionic Beaver
Release Date 23rd April 2018
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Desktop - MATE welcome greets the user when they login to the system after installation

MATE Welcome introduces the operating system to end users

Ubuntu MATE 18.04 Desktop - Initial impression

About Ubuntu MATE - MATE System Monitor

For the first time, Ubuntu MATE has shipped the Brisk Menu, a modern application menu developed by Solus in collaboration with Ubuntu MATE. This menu can also be launched by hitting Super Key.

Caja File Manager

MATE Terminal

Multitasking Demonstration

Mozilla Firefox

Instead of using XApps developed by Linux Mint project, Ubuntu MATE uses VLC Media Player to provide extended support for various multimedia files

Rhythmbox steaming a song from online source

Shotwell Image manager

LibreOffice Writer

Software Boutique is a part of MATE welcome and it helps to install various common tools and applciations

Software Boutique also provides some miscellaneous scripts to fix package management related issues

MATE Control Center is a central location to look for all configuration options related to MATE Desktop & Ubuntu MATE

Ubuntu MATE ships a wide range of wallpapers to choose from.

Ubuntu MATE provides several layouts to choose from. With these predefined layouts, we can customized our system to look like other popular operating system.

The Contemporary layout

Cupertino layout

Mutiny layout

Netbook layout

Pantheon layout

Redmond layout

Traditional layout

System Monitor showing resource usage on idle state. It shows that, Ubuntu MATE consumes 930 MB of memory on idle state, which is simply unbelievable

Top utility shows a more believable result. According to it, Ubuntu MATE takes around 400 MB memory on idle state

The system menu

Shutdown confirmation

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