Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond screenshots

Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond is a stable release of Linux Lite. It is an Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution featuring well tweaked Xfce Desktop. This release brings an updated system and icon theme. It also ships an updated documentation, timeshift restore utility, Lite sound..etc

Let's have a quick tour through various screens of Linux Lite 4.0 Diamond.
Distribution Name Linux Lite
Version 4.0
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment Xfce
Release date 3rd June 2018
Home page

Lite Welcome - An application launched on loading Linux Lite Desktop. It provides quick links to various resources and some initial TODO actions.

Linux Lite 4.0 Xfce Desktop - First impression

Whisker Menu - Bigger than any other distribution and well decorated

Thunar File Manager

Xfce4 Terminal is tweaked with beautiful look & feel.

Multitasking Overview in Linux Lite

Mozilla Firefox Web browser

VLC Media Player

Shotwell Image Manager

LibreOffice Impress

Gufw file manager

Linux Lite Terminal

Synaptic Package Manager

Linux Lite Updates

Desktop Icons

Lite Software - Software manager in Linux Lite

Lite Tweaks

Lite Updates Notifier - A tool to configure, who often the updates notification should popup

System Information

Timeshift snapshot creator

Settings Manager

Background Settings

Shutdown Confirmation

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