Linux Mint 19 MATE screenshots

Linux Mint 19 MATE Edition is the latest stable release of Linux Mint project. It the oldest flavor of this project. From the very beginning, Linux Mint MATE Edition ships a well-tweaked desktop environment, that provides a blend of traditional and modern desktop experience. It leverages the productivity.

Let's have a quick tour through Linux Mint 19 MATE screenshots.

Distribution Name Linux Mint
Version 19
Code name Tara
Release Date 29th June 2018
Desktop Environment MATE Desktop

Linux Mint Welcome App

The Welcome App lists first steps to follow after installing the OS

Linux Mint MATE Desktop - First impression

The Application Menu

Caja Files

MATE Terminal

Multitasking Overview

Mozilla Firefox web browser

XPlayer - A classic looking, functional video player

Rhythmbox Music Player

LibreOffice Writer

XViewer - An image viewer shipped with XApplication stack

The Mint Software Manager

Software Manager - Details

MATE Control Center

Appearance Preferences

Desktop Settings

System Monitor

Synaptic Package Manager

Update Manager

Timeshift system restore utility

Shutdown confirmation

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