deepin 15.8 screenshots

deepin 15.8 is a stable release of elegant and modern GNU/Linux distribution. It brings more familiar and user friendly desktop experience. There were also significant improvements in various native deepin applications.

deepin introduction - A welcome wizard in deepin 15.8

Distribution Name deepin
Version 15.8
Release date 15th November 2017
Base Debian
Desktop Environment Deepin Desktop
Home page

deepin 15.8 desktop - First impression

Application Launcher

Deepin File Manager

Multitasking Overview

google chrome in deepin 15.8

deepin movie is one among the native deepin applications

deepin music

deepin control center

system information in deepin control centre
deepin software - home page

Popularity ranking in deepin software

background switching

deepin system monitor

calendar application

deepin desktop - efficient layout

shutdown confirmation

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