Manjaro 18.0 Illyria GNOME Edition screenshots

The Manjaro 18.0 Illria release consists of Plasma, Xfce & GNOME editions. In previous posts, we've explored the Xfce and KDE editions. Now, it's time to explore the GNOME edition. The Illyria release brings GNOME 3.30 with a decent amount of customizations. This release ships a few GNOME shell plugins to provide improved productivity.

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria - The GNOME Desktop - First impression

Distribution Name Manjaro GNOME Edition
Version 18.0
Release date 28th Ocrober 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment GNOME
Home page

Manjaro Hello is a Gtk based Welcome App. It provides links to easily launch the installer and to various resources

Manjaro Illyria GNOME edition ships a modern application menu which lists applications in different categories.

The GNOME shell default full screen menu also co-exists with the application menu

Nautilus File Manager - Simple & functional

GNOME Terminal

GNOME shell native multitasking overview
A demo of GUI based multitasking

Just like other GNOME distributions, Manjaro GNOME editions brings firefox as default browser, instead of GNOME's own epiphany

GNOME Videos. It is capable to play popular video formats without installing any additional plugins.

Lollypop Music Player

gThumb Image Viewer

LibreOffice Writer

Microsoft Office Powerpoint online is running as a standalone application in Manjaro GNOME Edition
GNOME Calendar


Pamac is an advanced package manager

Application description description in Pamac

System update option in Pamac

GNOME Control Center

Background selection

Manjaro Settings Manager (MSM)

Installing & switching different kernel versions using MSM

Resource usage on idle state. As per the report, Manjaro GNOME edition consumes around 1 GB of RAM on idle state

Resource usage on idle state. With the htop, resource usage is significantly lower. It reports 884 MB of RAM on idle.

GNOME Tweak Tool

Manjaro GNOME resetting tool for restoring the default configuration

GNOME Notification & calendar widget

System Menu

Shutdown confirmation

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