Manjaro 18.0 Illyria KDE Plasma Edition screenshots

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria KDE Plasma edition provides a reliable and feature rich plasma desktop experience. It provides the latest Plasma Desktop 5.14 release, along with KDE Apps 18.08. Let's have a quick walk through Manjaro 18.0 Plasma screenshots.

Manjaro Hello is a Gtk based, Welcome App for Manjaro

Distribution Name Manjaro Plasma Edition
Version 18.0
Release date 28th Ocrober 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment KDE Plasma
Home page

Manjaro Illyria Plasma Desktop - First impression 

The default Plasma application menu, provides a traditional experience. Still, it powerful as a modern application menu

Dolphin File Manager

Konsole - The default terminal emulator in plasma world

Yakuake is a drop down terminal emulator

Multitasking demonstration in Manjaro Illyria

Firefox browser

VLC Media Player

Gwenview image viewer

LibreOffice impress

Microsoft Powerpoint Online. Manjaro Illyria brings quick links to microsoft office online applications. With a decent Internet connection, it can be as useful as a desktop office application

Plasma System Settings App

Background selection in Plasma Desktop

Manjaro Settings Manager is a home-made settings app in manjaro

With Manjaro Settings Manager (MSM), users can install a wide range of kernels easily

Manjaro Illyria Plasma Edition brings Octopi as package manager. This is very primitive comparing to Pamac, which is being shipped with the Xfce Edition

As a Plasma distribution, Manjaro Plasma Edition exhibits a decent memory profile.

About Manjaro Plasma Edition

Device Notifier is an easy way to open devices connected to the system.

Battery & Brightness Widget

Audio Volume Widget

Calendar Widget

System Leave options

Shutdown confirmation

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