Manjaro 18.0 Illyria Xfce Edition screenshots

Manjaro 18.0 Illyria, is a stable snapshot of Manjaro. The Xfce Edition of this release brings Xfce 4.13, a latest development release of Xfce. The main highlight of this release is migration from Gtk2.x to Gtk 3.x. Let's see some beautiful screenshots of Manjaro 18.0 Xfce Edition.

Manjaro 18.10 Illyria, Xfce Desktop - First impression

Distribution Name Manjaro Xfce Edition
Version 18.0
Release date 28th Ocrober 2018
Base Arch
Desktop Environment Xfce
Home page

Manjaro Hello. A simple & straight forward welcome application for Manjaro

Manjaro uses most of the components from Xfce 4.13, and upcoming release of Xfce Environment.

Whisker Application Menu in Manjaro Illyria is themed to adopt the overall look & feel of the distribution

Thunar File Manager

Xfce4 Terminal

Firefox Web browser

Multitasking Overview

VLC Media Player

Audacious Music Player

Manjaro Illyria ships GIMP 2.10

The GIMP 2.10 UI resembles other proprietary image editing tools

LibreOffice Impress

Manjaro also ships launchers for Microsoft online office tools

Task Manager

Htop utility showing resource usage on idle state

Pamac package manager listing applications

Pamac - detailed application description

Pamac update options

Xfce4 Settings Manager

Background Selection

Manjaro Settings Manager

Manjaro facilitates easy switching of kernels with MSM

Shutdown confirmation

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