Pop!_OS 18.10 screenshots

Pop!_OS 18.10 is a regular release of Ubuntu based GNU/Linux distribution. It is based on Ubuntu 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish and provides a polished Desktop experience. Pop!_OS is developed by System76, a reputed hardware vendor. Pop!_OS is optimized to perform well on System76 platforms. Let's have a small walk through Pop!_OS 18.10 screens.

Distribution Name Pop!_OS
Version 18.10
Release date 19th October 2018
Base Ubuntu
Desktop Environment GNOME Shell
Home page https://system76.com/pop

Pop!_OS 18.10 GNOME Desktop - First impression

About Pop!_OS

GNOME default full screen application launcher in Pop!_OS


GNOME Terminal

GNOME default multitasking overview
Multitasking demonstration

Mozilla Firefox is used as default browser in Pop!_OS

GNOME Videos (aka Totem Video Player)

GNOME Image Viewer (EOG - Eye of GNOME)

LibreOffice impress

GNOME Control Centre

Background Selection

GNOME System Monitor showcases resource usage on idle state. On idle state, Pop!_OS consumes around 850MB of memory.

htop showing resource usage on idle

GNOME Weather application

Pop!_Shop is an application manager built on top of elementary App Store

Pop!_Shop - Detailed application description

GNOME Calendar & notification widget

System Menu

Shutdown confirmation

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