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4MLinux 17.0 STABLE screenshots

Distribution Name 4MLinux
Version 17.0 STABLE
Base Independent
Desktop Environment JWM
Release date 1st May 2016
Home page
Packages LibreOffice, DropBox 3.18.1, Firefox 46.0, Chromium 50.0.2661.75, Thunderbird 45.0, Audacious 3.7.2, VLC 2.2.2, Perl 5.22.1, Python 2.7.11 ..etc

4MLinux 17.0 STABLE preview
4MLinux 17.0 STABLE preview
4MLinux is an independently evolved, lightweight GNU/Linux distribution featuring JWM as default desktop environment. 4Ms in 4MLinux stands for Maintenance, Multimedia, MiniServer and Mystery.

Quirky Xerus 8.0 screenshots

Distribution Name Quirky
Version 8.0
Code name Xerus
Release date 21st April 2016
Base Puppy
Desktop Environment JWM
Packages Linux kernel 4.4.7, SeaMonkey 2.40 ..etc

Application Menu
Application menu in Quirky Linux
It must be emphasized that the mere fact of using Ubuntu DEBs does not make Quirky a clone of Ubuntu. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Quirky Xerus behaves just like the April series, with the one difference that packages can be installed from the Ubuntu DEB repositories. The binary compatibility with Ubuntu offers a huge collection of packages, which is the main attraction of this series. - Release announcement