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blackPanther OS 16.1 (Silent Killer) screenshots

Distribution name blackPanther OS
Version 16.1
Code name Silent Killer
Release date 06 August 2016
Desktop environments KDE Plasma
Base distribution Independent
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.7.0, Qt 5.6.1, Plasma + (components) 5.7.1/5.24.0/16.04.3, Python 3.5.1, Calamares installer.
blackPanther OS 16.1 (Silent Killer) Preview
blackPanther is an independently evolved GNU/Linux distribution which was started development back in 2002. First stable release of blackPanther OS was release in 2003 and since then the project releases a version in every year. It adopts best design practices from all popular GNU/Linux distribution to provide best user experience.

Plymouth screen

Login screen

Loading KDE Plasma Desktop

blackPanther 16.1 KDE Plasma desktop - first impression

Application menu

Dolphin file manager

Konsole Terminal Emulator

Vivaldi Web Browser

System Settings

Logout Screen