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Manjaro bspwm 16.05 screenshots

Distribution Name Manjaro
Version bspwm 16.05
Release date 29th May 2016
Base Arch / Manjaro
Desktop Environment bspwm
Home page
Packages Linux Kernel 4.4.9, GNOME components 3.20, Light web browser 46.0, MPV player, Roxterm, Spacefm, ..etc

Manjaro bspwm 16.0 preview
Manjaro bspwm 16.05 preview
The Bspwm edition is one of our lightest, aiming to minimize ram and cpu usage, maximizing performance. It is especially suitable for developers and programmers due to its distraction free enviroment, syntax highlighting and many helpful command line utilities. It is easily usable with both command line and graphical interface, with keyboard and mouse and is extremely efficient for both system and user. - Release announcement